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Astonishing but true and positive approach of Dr. Gordon Tang,

Dr. Gordon Tang is referred by main pain management doctors when they see their patients suffering with severe back pain. This is because everyone is very confident about Dr. Tang and his success in offering the right treatment. He takes care in reviewing the case, does not take much time in imaging process and immediately decides on the surgical procedure, if required.

Dr. Tang is a fellowship trained neurosurgeon, board certified and is right now based in Berkeley, California. He has received over 24 awards and to his credit is even the prestigious award such as The Galbraith Award and The National Alpha Omega Alpha Research of the AANS/CNS by the Cerebrovascular Section. He is an alumnus of Keck School of Medicine and his specializations include lumbar fusion, lumbar microdisectomy, neurosurgery, all spine-related conditions such as spinal stenosis, disc herniation, degenerative disc disease, normal pressure hydrocephalus and brain tumors.

With all these exceptional skills and success, Dr. Tang is a simple person. He offers a direct approach on scheduling an appointment. He also answers all the queries of the patient and assures the patient of the surgery. In fact, he explains the patient about the procedure such that patients are totally convinced.

Dr. Gordon Tang known for his skills and approach

Deep brain stimulation is employed to cure various neurological conditions. This also includes intractable pain, Parkinson disease and dystonia, but the mechanisms remain unclear. There is a need for an expert neurosurgeon to handle these critical conditions and this is the time to reach immediately Dr. Gordon Tang.

If you are a resident of the Easy Bay Area, you may consider yourself to be most fortunate as you can reach Dr. Tang. He has handled the best of the surgeries offering successive results. He is specialized in the treatment of spine and brain tumors, stroke, trauma and also other cerebrovascular diseases including many pain disorders, cerebral aneurysms and spine degenerative diseases.

Dr. Tang has always excelled in his work and his surgeries offer the evidence of his skills. He is loved by his patients for the special care he takes and provides during and after the surgery. His compassionate approach is praiseworthy, while his simple approach is bawling. He handles big and small procedure in the same manner with deepest care and this makes him very close to his patients. He personally goes through all the medical reports from the beginning and is clear about each patient handled by him.